Armitage ERP system ERP software ERP solution Why Armitage??

Armitage is is one of the leading IT solutions providers and application software developers in Hong Kong and the PRC. Established since 1972 in Hong Kong and employing over 150 IT professionals in the region, Armitage has over 45 years of proven track record in delivering quality IT solutions to our customers.

Armitage has rich and proven experience in various sectors including the logistics/transportation, manufacturing, hospitality, Government and public sector. Being widely recognized in the IT industry, Armitage is one of very few local IT companies consistently delivering IT solutions and services at a high international standard and maintaining a solid track record. Our ability to identify, manage and deliver solutions specifically tailored for each client's needs allows the company to retain and attract new clients. Armitage’s presence as the IT service provider in both the public and private sectors, among which some clients are over two decades, is proven testament to our commitment in providing the best service and quality to our customers.


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